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            For over 25 years, our company has been providing clients in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors across Canada innovative, affordable and environmentally conscious wastewater treatment solutions. Those who operate within the Canadian institutional and government, metal fabrication, utility and power generation, commercial/landlord, mining, demolition and remediation, chemical, manufacturing and assembly, and lighting industries, as well as consulting firms, engineering firms, and electrical contractors, depend on us for safe and convenient wastewater treatment services:

            Wastewater Treatment

            • Oily water disposal
            • Industrial wastewater treatment
            • Oil recovery
            • Waste fuel recycling
            • Sludge / solid fixation
            • Inorganic & organic waste treatment
            • Acid / caustic neutralization

            Our state-of-the art wastewater treatment facility is the largest permitted facility in Canada, processing over 75,000,000 litres of liquid industrial waste per year. We employ only the most advanced technologies to reduce solid waste-by-product by over 90%. In addition to our wastewater treatment services, we also offer a variety of other environmental services:

            On-Site Environmental Services

            • Transformer site services
            • PCB on-site services
            • Transportation services
            • Transformer oil
            • Mercury recovery
            • Analytical & testing services
            • Lab pack services


            • Lamp recycling
            • Recycle by mail
            • Transformer oil recycling
            • Battery recycling
            • Electrical equipment recycling
            • Resource recovery

            Waste disposal

            • Hazardous waste disposal
            • Regulated waste disposal
            • PCB destruction
            • Industrial waste disposal
            • Remediation & demolition
            • Institutional waste management
            • Electrical equipment disposal
            • Assured destruction

            Our company is proud of the exemplary reputation we have developed due to our focus on providing ground-breaking wastewater treatment and other environmental services and outstanding customer service, and our passion for environmental protection and advocacy. In order to ensure the well-being of our staff, vendors and customers, our environmental and wastewater treatment services conform to strict regulatory compliance as mandated by environmental and governmental legislation. No matter where industry meets environment, our company is prepared to provide a comprehensive array of environmental services via the multiple, Canada-wide environmental service facilities that we own and operate. Turn to us as your one-stop-source for wastewater treatment services, and other environmental services; allow our company to assist yours with all of your environmental challenges!

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